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Meet Ripit. Easily the most ultra-lightweight, form fitting, flexible, durable, breathable, versatile, touch screen friendly, super gripping, super sensitive glove on the market today. The best glove, at the most affordable price, for both work or play. Our special blend of nylon and spandex, in our unique high tech design, means you’ll often forget to take them off. When other gloves just don’t cut it. Ripit.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Slim. Ultra-lightweight. Flexible.
  • Form fitting. Conforms to any hand like a second set of skin.
  • Optimized “Super Grip” design.
  • All-around glove breathability. No sweating. Never wet. Always dry. Never smelly.
  • Washable.
  • Any device fingertip “Touch Screen Friendly.”
  • Super durable. Cut and snag resistant.
  • “Trigger Grip” design across thumb, index and middle fingers. You can pick up and handle anything.
  • “Micro Cup” finish and sandy nitrile covered palm. For super hand grip and maximum dexterity.
  • Comfortable. You’ll never know you have them on.
  • Space age materials and high tech design drastically reduce, or eliminate entirely, hand fatigue.
  • The most stylish glove design in the workplace today.
Ripit Workplace Superiority
Reduce Hand Injuries

Our Story

Ripit Gloves are the brain and engineering child of Todd Shaw, lifelong painting and drywall contractor (whose early nickname, by the way, was “Ripit”). His dream – to create the perfect glove for the drywall industry as well as for the working hands of others in similar, demanding industries. He teamed up with design, material and handling engineers to perfect a glove which incorporated all these performance features: precision fit, comfort, super tactile sensitivity, strength, flexibility, ultra-lightweight, long lasting durability, breathability, affordability – and, above all, super grip. A tall order. But one that resulted in the Ripit line of of super gripping, super sensitive, hard working gloves.

Ready to Give You a Hand

Our Technology


Ripit Gloves represent the highest technology in workplace gloves today. Combining super gripability with super finger and hand sensitivity, they’re like wearing a super set of protective skin.

When it comes to necessary PPE, these gloves are like your favorite/most comfortable boots – you miss them when you don’t have them on…..hell, now I wear them working around the house, too.

Lonny Ann

I love these gloves.  And ever since we started using them, I don’t have to tell my crew to put them on.  They are the best!

Mike Hanize

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